Setting your business on the right course for success

Each of the sessions below can be undertaken individually, but we would (not surprisingly!) recommend that you go through all of them in order to understand how all of the different elements of your business need to work together to get things moving in the way you wanted them to.  They are also put in this order on purpose as each one helps build the foundations for the next.

Session 1

Strategy & Finance

Presented by:  Michael / Christophe

Even with the simplest of businesses you need a plan to make money.  How much and from where is entirely up to you, we won’t force you to make more or less than you wanted to, but we will give you some insights into how you can make the most effective use of the money you have, how to spot when things aren't quite going according to plan and ideas on where to go to get money other people have when you need to.  Before you decide to spend any money (whether yours or someone else’s) you need a good plan.  We will step you through how to generate a plan that works for your business by asking some key questions, such as:

  • Why are you in business?
  • What is your exit strategy?
  • What does your business really do?
  • Why do people say "cash is everything"?

Session 2

Marketing - Who? What? How?

Presented by:  Michael 

Everyone assumes marketing is just pretty pictures and some social media “stuff”, but marketing has now become significantly more complicated in today's "always on" world. 

The most successful businesses in the world are undoubtedly marketing led, but what does that mean for your business.

Really what that means is that by viewing your business through the “marketing” lens, you are really trying to look at what your customers see of your business.  So we will step you through exercises that will allow you to identify the market segments you currently play in, and perhaps ones you should be playing in.  We will run through product development - and this doesn’t matter whether you sell widgets or your services, customers are still buying something from you. We will run through the potential importance and value of your intellectual property. Once we have those 2 areas covered off, we will move into distribution options - how do you get your products to your customers in the most sustainably profitable way.

Session 3


Presented by:  Michael / Christophe / Mark

Another greatly misunderstood area, and one that the biggest most successful companies invest a lot of time and effort into.

In the beginning is your brand….again often overlooked, but you need something your customers know you by.  This leads to questions over how much is it worth spending on delivering great branding, and do you have to do it all at once…

Then you need to tell the world about who you are and what you do…and by “the world” we mean the world that is going to be interested in finding out about your products.  So we will go through setting up a comms plan that makes sense for you, including some tips and tricks on social media and other forms of advertising.  

The most important part of this is undoubtedly - what can you do to give yourself the best chance of generating high quality leads?

Session 4

Online / Digital

Presented by:  Michael / Christophe / Mark

Everything is easier now because of the internet and all that stuff…right?


Yeah…not so much.

It is true that achieving some outcomes are now easier and more measurable than they may have been 15 years ago, but generally most of this has become a sea of confusing acronyms SEO, AI, SEM, CX, UX etc. etc..

We are going to break as much of this down into plain English as possible, and get you focussed on the areas that will make a difference right now to your business, whilst planning to get into the areas you should be on to in a few years time. For example will an “off the shelf” website for $10/mth suffice?  Should you pay for a designer to create your website?  Does SEO work?  Should I care about SEO or SEM?  Don’t I need an app?  Should I be worried or excited about AI coming?

Session 5


Presented by:  Michael / Steve

Only about 15-20 years ago people still lived and died by the adage “no one got fired for buying IBM”….today plenty of people have never even heard of IBM!  

Yet again everything just seems to be more complicated.

So how should you set up the systems in your business?  Which systems are the ones that will just save you time or money?  Will the cloud just rain data out of your business?  What on earth should you be doing about telecommunications today, do you even need an office phone any more?

Session 6

Selling / Pricing

Presented by:  Michael 

So now that you have everything sorted behind the scenes to serve the hordes of customers you are going to so easily attract in the coming months…how are you going to make sure you sell them the right products at the right prices?  Have you considered little things like the "contract of sale", or "credit terms"?

Also…once you want to get more people buying more things should you just put everything on sale?  How much is a good discount?

Once you are growing nicely, how do you put your prices up to cover the increases in costs in your business?

We will then finish off with a review of all areas of the course and how they all work together to make it easier for your business to deliver what you wanted it to.