You had the great idea, you worked out how to sell it, you started to get busier and what??

How come the money isn’t just rolling in and you aren’t sitting on that island you own like Richard Branson managed to do?

A lot of businesses get busier once they have started to promote their great idea, but often it isn’t simply a case of employing a few more people, or moving to a bigger place.  You will need systems in place, you will need policies and procedures, targets, budgets and KPI’s….all of these are often dirty words to most small business owners looking to become bigger business owners.

Unfortunately one of the big reasons big businesses are big, is they think big, and act big.  It does not mean that you suddenly need to have an operations manual 14 volumes thick and implement SAP to run everything, upsetting your team and customers with endless, pointless change…but there are a lot of things you can learn from big businesses and implement to help yours run and grow more efficiently.

We are a group of small business professionals who look after other small business professionals like you.  We have worked in big and small businesses, and now serve big and small businesses too. We can help you re-focus on the important areas of your business, put plans in place that give you the peace of mind that things are going to be OK - whatever that OK means for you and your business.

 We have established a short seminar series which will give you an overview of all of the different ways you can get yourself “unstuck” and back on that path to success.  Check out our website …… and get in touch to see how we can help you.

We are in the business of knowing your business…in a good way!