I know my business could be going a lot better, but I don’t have the time to stop and work out what exactly is holding me back. 

An all too common problem for small businesses - the old “working IN the business, not ON the business” trick.  The other challenge it presents is not having the time to evaluate who is best suited to help you out of the challenges you are facing right now.  Also, how can you trust that they are going to be able to help? I doubt I can afford these people anyway….and so the spiral continues…

What you need is a relaxed environment where you can chat to like-minded business people and interact with helpful professionals, learning some key steps you can take yourself to improve your business, but also understanding when it is going to be appropriate to call in the professionals to help.

We are a group of small business professionals who look after other small business professionals like you.  We have worked in big and small businesses, and now serve big and small businesses too. We can help you focus on the most important areas of your business, put plans in place that give you the peace of mind that things are going to be OK - whatever that OK means for you and your business.

We have established a short seminar series which will give you an overview of all of the different ways you can get yourself “unstuck” and back on that path to success  Check out our website …… and get in touch to see how we can help you.

We are in the business of knowing your business…in a good way!